Bible Tract Downloads

Printing and Folding the Tracts

  1. The tracts require legal-size paper for printing
  2. Select a tract to print and open it
  3. Print Page 1 (Adjust margins so the print is centered on the page if necessary)
  4. Place printed Page 1 in your printer and print Page 2 on the backside of Page 1
  5. With the name of the tract facing you (Page 2, 4th column) fold it in half
  6. Keeping the name of the tract facing you fold it in half again

Reading the Tracts

If you simply desire to read the tract you must begin at Page 2, Column 4 where you will find the Name of the tract and the author. After reading this column, turn to Page 1 and continue reading.

Does God Desire the Salvation of All Men?
Doctrines of Grace
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